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January 28, 2023, 19:54
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Visual Studio, Microsoft's programming studio package with Visual C++, Visual C#, and Visual Basic in it, has been released as a new version 2022.

Ever since VS appeared it was very quickly a very complete package. When I was still in high school Visual Studio 6 was distributed to me and other students through the informatics teacher. This was specially for the computer club students from high school, and many of us tried it. We couldn't see all too far though, we were mainly using Visual Basic because it was easiest. In the end it turned out this was not structured enough for serious programs. These days we would have preferred Visual C++ or Visual C#.

The new version 2022 (17.4) is the first Visual Studio version that is strictly released as a 64 bit version. This is because the new PC hardware and Windows versions are mostly 64 bit. In the past there have been "Express" versions released of Visual Studio, which were free versions that were feature limited in functionality but nontheless very usable. These Express versions are no longer offered, these days there are the following versions available: Community, Professional, and Enterprise. Community version is the new free version, it is more complete than the old express version (in fact alike professional edition) and aimed at individual developers, open source programmers, small teams, and scholars. Professional edition is the entry level commercial edition of VS. It comes with MSDN (documentation), installer packaging and is required to purchase for companies. Enterprise is for companies with new tools for database development, collaboration, and more.

The supported C++ and C# standards: C++17, C#11.0. However VC++ is a language beyond the C++ standard specification, it holds additional commands. The current Visual Studio version will remain supported by its makers for 10 years (just like older versions). VS holds a code editer, UI-builder, auto completion, parameter view, code refactoring, a debugger and more. So what can you do with VS? Ofcourse you can make your own games and other software. Bennu programmers can make libraries for Bennu with VC++ which has always worked in the past (with Fenix). There is a new generation of C# programmers which use Unity with VC#.

Visual Studio 2022 can be downloaded for free (Community version) at

From Microsoft's website Visual Studio Professional is 534,- euros. For 10-40 euros you can buy a VS Professional CD key or an Enterprise edition CD key in online stores.
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September 16, 2023, 20:52
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For many workloads, I prefer to use Visual Studio Code, which is also available for free:

Message Board > News > Visual Studio 2022 released

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