Not for the faint-hearted

Using the Java applet below you can connect to the Boolean Soup chatroom (you will need the Java Virtual Machine installed: Alternatively you could use your own IRC client such as mIRC. For help with this applet please visit

How to join:

  1. Once you are connected to the server, set your nickname using /nick (name)
  2. Join the Boolean Soup channel by typing /join #booleansoup

We moved to a new network (from august 1, 2023 on), please update your bookmarks to:
port 6697 (TLS, secure) or 6667 (unsecure)

Instead of our own applet, you can better use:

Or ofcourse you can use a modern IRC Client, like the paid services we really enjoy called IRCCloud (, which also works for free. Mibbit however does not work with the new network.
We are remaining in this channel with several people with conversation about game and software development, more than in the past. Drop by once.

Chatroom status: IRC Chat available with 3rd party clients

Enter a nickname or leave blank to use your site username:

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