is not a dirty word

What is Boolean Soup?

Boolean Soup is the website you're on. More specifically, it's a community for game developers to improve their skills and show off their work.

Who made it? Who runs it?

Check the About page.

Why won't the game work?

First, to open the files that you download from the site when you're not using Windows XP, you have to use a zip program such as Winzip to extract the files. After that, if the game doesn't work, you can post a message on the message board and the eccentric but mostly harmless forum dwellers can help you.

Will I get adware/spyware/anything of any kind that I wouldn't want on my computer with any of these games?


I submitted my game, and it didn't appear on the page! WTF

Games aren't automatically added to the site. They need to be approved by a game admin first. Wait a week at most and it'll be there. Don't upload the game multiple times, because we won't approve any of them.

It's still not on the page!!1

It was probably rejected. Review the submission rules, and if you're sure it should have been approved, make a post on the message board.

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