The complete idiot's guide to Boolean Soup

What is Boolean Soup? Who is Boolean Soup? Why is Boolean Soup? All these questions that no sane person would ever ask can be answered! Grab a mug of your favorite beverage and sink deeper into the murky lukewarm broth...

Mission statement

Boolean Soup is intended to be a user-friendly community for all sorts of game-related goodness for the developer's side of things. It was founded by a ragtag band of rebel game programmers who were a bit ticked off at the state of their old programming site, and at the half-mad tyrant that happened to be given the task of maintaining it. Who are these magnificent people? I'm glad you asked!

The madmen behind the soup

Ian "Woodrick" Nicholas (Email)
Ian is a mexican masked wrestler turned game programmer from whose loins the Boolean Soup project was spawned. He reportedly lured additional programmers to his aid with the promise of free lederhosen and daily exhibitions of his disturbingly mesmerizing breakdancing style. If rumors are to be believed, he currently resides somewhere in eastern Massachusetts, and spends most of his days rocking out to Canadian banjo tunes and spreading the gospel of Moonfilth to anyone who will listen.
Now I'm runnin like a flaming pig
Ferret (Email)
Ferret, also known as Mustela Putorius Furo, is a small furry mammal with razor sharp teeth and a penchant for 80s music. Look at it the wrong way and it will eat your faec like so many scary mosters.
Mustela putorius furo!
Mark "Frimkron" Frimston (Email)
Frimkron is a omnipotent pan-dimensional super-entity trapped inside the body of a domestic feline. His hobbies include hateful cynicism and stomping on things in a 40ft Battlemech. Frimkron will take over the world as soon as he finds a way around his lack of opposable thumbs.
I bet you've never said pan-dimensional super-entity in a conversation
Peter "Peter Lafferty" Lafferty (Email)
I am the king of albania and once upon a time I entered a magically world where pyramid schemes worked. Now I eat frogs and dance for a living.
Mr. Lafferty may or may not have been inebriated whilst writing this
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