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December 19, 2021, 00:50
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This is a pretty neat idea and if you're old enough you might remember this game on most formats. It was actually designed and developed by Microsoft.

If you gave the gorillas more than bananas, (rebounding timed grenades for example) you could start to imagine how Worms (by Team17) was developed.

But how to build it?

This whiteboarding shows us how to generate buildings with a common factor which is height. Height can be any integer from 0-10. Therefore we can draw a pretty nice looking building from building parts.

These parts must be plotted onto a large transparent sprite which will be a hardness map and take damage, pixel by pixel. Giving the new hardness map a collision shape is the next task.

More coming soon!
January 18, 2022, 17:07
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It looks a little too simple to be a fun game in this modern time. So are you making this, or have you been playing this? :S
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Message Board > Game Designing > "Gorillas" of yesteryear

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