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September 7, 2020, 22:54
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A few days ago I discovered that AppGameKit, a popular BASIC language for 3D game development (and successor to DarkBasic), has been ported to Java, and earlier has been tied to C++. We know Raverdave has been using AppGameKit for years, but he also wants to move on to using a better language that is not BASIC. He has shown that AppGameKit has great 3D potential and really is a proven "recent" game development language. The underlying rendering engine is OpenGL or the modern Vulkan. I tried the Java port (with what they call a 1 on 1 port similar to tiers 1) and all demos run quick. There is a massive command list for this language (AGK) available on the internet.

Official information about the Java version: … -for-javakotlin

Java users can download the test package (for NetBeans or Intellij) from the first post in the linked forum thread above. The example NetBeans projects can be loaded, compiled and run immediately after you open them. They are for Windows or Linux.

For a C# version, this page exists:

C++, Mobile, and Python versions, can be found on their webpage further. AGK is a pay product, and there are many extensions on sale as well.
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December 4, 2020, 18:16
Don't Give A F*CK
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Yep, well put Rincewind!

If anyone is interested in some real wakko demos of the engines I created using AGK, just search for raverdave on youtube: but for example:

here we see 3d particles, water shaders and zombies doing a bit of thriller dance

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Message Board > News > AppGameKit for Java, C++, C#.

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