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May 9, 2020, 12:45
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What are you working on these days for a game programming project? And what are you planning on making in the future?

I am still working on a Map Editer this year, but hope in the coming years I could create a game. Plans are a 2D mining game on a side view map with a lot of earth to dig in with a flame laser coming from a space ship. In the ground there should be minerals and diamonds hidden. Also in the ground there will be enemies hidden.

What about you? Do you have any close or far off game plans?
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May 10, 2020, 09:29
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Programming games was mostly my hobby during my high school years. I kind of stopped programming games for the past 18 years or so, because back then I started studying computer science and after that I worked as a software developer. And I didn't aim for creating games professionally.

When I noticed that FUZE4 Nintendo Switch was available (as I've mentioned on the forum before) I did pick up a little recreational programming again. So far I've created two games: 2048 and Patience Solitaire. And it was quite fun to pick up my old hobby again.

Because of the pandemic, I'm working from home (still programming, just not games). This means that the line between professional and recreational programming is too thin for me. So I've put the recreational programming to a minimum again, until I find a mode where I can justify doing both work and hobby from home. I do have an idea for my next game though, also done some initial work for it as well.

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May 11, 2020, 18:05
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Game plans. Hm, I see what you did there! As in I've got one. Or two!

I'm thinking about releasing Hero: The Realm for Windows on booleansoup and a few other hobbyist sites. It's already been ported to Caanoo (a GPH handheld) Wii, on the homebrew soft-mod. I'm just having trouble letting it end, finally.

Sheepdog Adventure Deluxe should be out on iOS in a matter of days, I'm just having a few problems verifying company and store presence with Apple (typical!) Then I'd like to release it for Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite as there are a few touchscreen only games in the store there. Quite exciting! Here's the trailer for the old version of Sheepdog Adventure.

Then perhaps a version of Hero: The Realm in 3d. I'm not exactly sure how I'll design it, but likely in orthographic view and 1/2 down. I can't fathom free-camera stuff as those environments must take forever. So 8-way combat and puzzles etc. Oh and the underground levels too!

Another game ideal is a action dungeon crawler, which I have tile assets for and plenty of diagrams and design notes. I'm thinking of using Tiled map editor fully with Unity (well-supported by Tiled).

Unity is really key to all my recent development, I'd recommend it to anyone with game-dev aspirations.

Good luck to everyone with theirs.

Message Board > Game Designing > Game plans for the next years

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