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January 19, 2006, 13:58
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Do game developers ever stop and think about HCI? The fuckers. I don't want to sit through 5 load screens before I even get to the fREAKINKG MENUS YOU CUNTS.
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January 19, 2006, 21:57
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my half-life2 experience:

*Steam loading*
*steam stops because of a firewall and asks to start in offline mode*
*steam loading in offline mode*
*choose HL2*
*half-life 2 loading*
*game started*
*start a new game*
*game loading*
*game starts*
*walks around for a minute*
*(2 minutes later)*
*walks around for 45 seconds. and then the heat of the action starts!!!! I get excited and then...*
*(2 minutes later)*
*gets killed because I went down to get some coffee*
*restarts game*
*loading takes too long*
*gets bored of it because HL2.JPG was more interesting than HL2.EXE, and presses escape while loading*
*game crashes*
*throws game brutally against the wall*
*life is ruined*
*the end*

morale of this story: interaction between system and users REALLY SUCK these days. Good ol "press enter to start" games should be invented again... I also don't like games where you have to assign 100 keys and learn them by heart before you can play. :(

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January 20, 2006, 00:14
Frustrated Megalomaniac
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I actually saw a tv ad for some skateboarding game and their selling point was that it was the only one without loading screens.
January 20, 2006, 01:26
games are terrible
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But Dungeon Siege also played that up quite a lot, and it certainly isn't some shitty skateboarding game.
January 20, 2006, 17:33
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I was going to ask what HCI is but then I googled it.
January 20, 2006, 18:03
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wtf @ dtm...

I was going to post something useful but then I realized it wasn't useful anymore to post it.

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