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Nutritious and delicious updates

This year we shall call Christmas not Xmas but Zmas. Yes Zmas.

December 8, 2019, by Mezzmer

Instead of calling christmas Xmas we shall go completely crazy (absolutely skipping the 2nd dimension entirely) and Y becomes Z to be Zmas.


I prefer tabletop games. Or X,Z is the new X,Y?

After all I am Square Mezzmer. Square. Tee hee.

Anyway. The decorations are auto-upped which means only one thing.

WE ARE APPROACHING ZMAS. Also if we don't receive replies to this amazing cataclysm of events that introduces a brand new meaning to the known UNIVERSE I'll say one more thing.


Boolean Soup again in good .com pany.

September 9, 2019, by Rincewind

Boolean Soup its .com domain name has been recovered. The last two years some of us have been using the backup domain of Boolean Soup (Booleansoup.org). A lot of people may be could not find it. Therefore I would state once more:

Main domain: http://www.booleansoup.com
Back up domain: http://www.booleansoup.org

The main domain had been taken from us by "domain squatters" after it had accidentally expired. Now after some years some company was selling it in an online auction (that I won). We can continue using it now. Administraters can connect as usual for development and backup purposes.

Booleansoup is fixed in time for Xmas 2014

December 7, 2014, by Mezzmer

There had been a temporary problem logging in to Boolean Soup recently. Nonetheless it seems fixed enough for us to use the site again! Hoorah! I think perhaps it was the Xmas fairy, or just a random act of God maybe.

So don't delay, start posting all the nutritious game development related nonsense that we all desire.

Kind of like a forced feeding! That's a wonderful thing, (or just quite perverted) but at least we'll all have a hot hearty feed of Boolean Soup in the prelude to Xmas. ;)

Some of us still linger in the chat room - yes indeed! We are still in the IRC channel @ blitzed.org #bilge (updated) after 10 years or more :F. So drop by to say hello, or you can even approach us with your coding questions or development type problems!

Happy 2014

December 29, 2013, by Rincewind

For some of us it's going to be 2014, others like me are on an internet time connection in the future to the past. This is what I suspect, because for me it was 2013 three years ago. I'm still theorizing but worst case would be that I'm isolated in a copy of the physical world with no actual year, connected to the internet of the past, and when I go outside there are people projected in my world from three years ago. All over again, because I've been in this time before, and I didn't travel back to it.

This world could only have been designed by a bunch of game developers gone mad. One thing's for sure, Boolean Soup's going into 2014. It's only waiting whether my internet and people will go into 2014 too, or whether I'll be let into yet another year full of madness I've seen before, because a game developer's clearly not in control anymore.

Ludum dare 26

April 11, 2013, by Rincewind

On the weekend of April 26th to the 29th Ludum dare 26 starts, a game programming competition where you judge eachother's works. There'll be a competition and a 'jam', like previous ludum dares. The theme isn't known yet, suggest a theme here.

Let us know whether you plan on entering, and show us the end result when the competition is over!

Happy Newyear everyone

January 2, 2012, by Dennis

Fenix code:
// it's been a long time, dunno if this would work, but here I go...
  graph = init();
    if (rand (0,100) > 25)
      banner(400,300, graph);

process init()
  return load_png('Happy_newyear_logo.png');

process banner(x,y, graph)
  struct velocity
  velocity.vangle = rand (0,360000);
  velocity.vspeed = rand (2,12);
  while( x > 0 and x < 900 and y > 0 and y < 600)

Ludum Dare 20 is nigh!

April 23, 2011, by Eckolin

On April 29th, Ludum Dare 20 will begin!

Join the classic solo Competition and make a game from scratch within 48 hours! Who needs sleep anyway?

Alternatively there's the Jam, which allows for teams and has relaxed rules. Entries in the Jam won't be judged, but as an entrant you'll still be able to judge the Compo games. Even if you don't join, you can download and play the newly crafted masterpieces.

If you're new to LD, be sure to read the rules carefully. Voting for themes will begin soon, so make sure your favourite theme wins! And most importantly, have fun!

Ludum dare 18 - August 20-22 Weekend

August 4, 2010, by Rincewind

There will be another Ludum Dare game programming competition in the weekend of August 20th-22nd. You can suggest a theme here. There will apparently be some big changes over previous competitions as discussed here.

Have fun.

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