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Thought I'd update this log, so let me tell you that despite spending most of my time not coding these days I bought an extra pc to be able to at least do some coding at my parents place where I reside most of these days, without internet and with my code. I doubt I'll be able to finish it in due time though. We'll see I guess.

I won't give details about what I'm going to do because people will find it boring and not original. If you want to know anyway hop in the chatroom, I can't keep my mouth shut to save my life so you'll soon know more about it than you care about.
(Posted on November, 18th 2006, 20:08)

5 October

I am proud to announce that a team of monkeys and 7 Chinese guys are already working round the clock in the basement while I continue to write down the storylines and gameplay demands. Websites are in line for interviews and significant offers by major partners in the business have already been turned down only to be surpassed by even better offers. Management personnel is stacked in the hallways due to the company growth exceeding the current office space demands. More news after I have slaughtered the absurd union demands.

In other news, I'm going for the internet theme and will provide everyone with screenshots somewhere in 2007. Will report back when I have made the choice between a driving, shooting or flying type game. Fenix will be the tool of choice.
(Posted on October, 5th 2006, 20:10)

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