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A last view

Hello! The user interface of Work Time Advisor is now completely finished (for version 1). Here I present the last two images there are to see.

Above here you can see the Recent page, which shows the last (available) 8 generated Advices. All buttons below each item work. You could press the unfold button and it will show the selected advice (in parts based on the checkboxes). You can press export save and it exports an icon to the desktop (a shortcut to a text file with the generated advice in it). Also the print button and other buttons work well.

Here you can see 2 out of 3 parts of an unfolded Advice. Further there is only the Advice with the time schedule. I might show later how one looks (in text). The UI won't be taken any further than this. Please leave a reply if you enjoyed viewing these screenshots.
(Posted on September, 30th 2021, 20:28)


Mezzmer said:
Shame you won't be improving the UI.

I can say it looks like a decent app. I was thinking this could help people with working from home, as there are more home workers overall.

To make it a fully distributable app I'd say it would need further changes, like a feed in of some sort with various rulesets. Though it looks pretty pro for your home use, job done!
(Posted on October, 1st 2021, 16:42)

Rincewind said:
Yes, I am taking notes for version 2. I'll be aiming at general usage with rulesets you can pick. There will be a settings menu to input your customized personal information.

Until then I will be finishing and using version 1 myself.
(Posted on October, 1st 2021, 18:12)

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