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The start of a new program

Hello. I am starting a new project, called the "Work Time Advisor". This is not a game, but a special utility that can create a day scheme for the next day. This is a text schedule of what to do at which time of the day. The reason I am making this, is because I often skip my programming time that I have in the morning, for more sleep. This is a usual automatism that I switch my alarm clock off while I should come out of bed.

With this utility, I should always come out of bed in time to do programming. I will later elaborate on the rules that I will set out to actually achieve this. It's not magic, it's not time travel or time creation, it is mostly forcing myself to get out of bed in time and switching day activities around until I can get out of bed.

I am making this in Java LibGDX Scene2D. This is a user interface library that comes with LibGDX. It is a graphical type of UI library where you can skin every user interface element yourself. I just had my head into this library for another project (a game), so I thought it is easier to use it in this new project too.

It seems this is a simple program built up out of large structures, but it should not take too long to finish.
(Posted on December, 28th 2020, 17:42)


raverdave said:
A Galon of coffee seems more decisive!
(Posted on December, 28th 2020, 17:46)

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Worklogs > Rincewind's Worklogs > Work Time Advisor > The start of a new program
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