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By raverdave (version 1.0)

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Ok..I am finishing off projects that are long overdue, and though this is pretty near finished,a few things I need help with, I want opinions on what would make this more balanced gameplay wise, take into account that the player cannot die from getting hit by an alien yet (this will be added soon, but can by the alien bullet,I say die,but all you see atm is some ugly ass yellow circle.....
All graphics are sorta Beta, I wanna get the code correct 1st before I ATTEMPT to draw better stuff

Genre: Shoot-em-up
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME , Windows XP/2000/Vista
Dev tool: Blitz Basic
Other attributes:
Uploaded: March 13, 2007
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Downloads: 12


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Based on that screenshot that someone took, it looks a bit lame :D

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This is a bit hard. There's too many of those falling things which sometimes are impossible to avoid. also it would be nice to be invincible for a few seconds after dying. :annoyed:

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You're basically up against a fleet of enemies, each of which is more powerful than you. The difficulty is pretty good.

I beat the wave without getting hit, but then it 'kinda' freezes. The graphics are lovely.

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Thankyou Eckolin, thats the kind of response I was hoping for, sensible and to the point, all I wanted to ever know was the gameplay! Now what will make it harder as I stated is when the player gets hit by a baddie,which isnt possible yet,also I might have the baddies tail up near the bottom, very kind of you to say the grafix are, but they wont be in the finale! Now...back to my project in Fenix....

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