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Akin Revenge

By Ariel Yust (version )

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Akin's Revenge by Ariel Yust 2009

this game was made for the ludum dare 48h competition
which is hosted on

7 levels
3 enemys
1 boss
3 attack types + 1 super attack
including bonuses and bonus level

Story line

Akin's is angry on the rest of his kind for thinking that
his colors are gay and therefor he dressed up as a joker
to take revenge of them.

control Akin and eliminate your enemys~!!!

controlls and features you should know

"z" = slash, by adding the up or down key you slash in an angle

"x" = throw a card, cards stunt your enemys usualy and some units
are not effected by the stunt effect or by the damage they

"x" + "down" = after you stunt an enemy you can rip his head off
and use it as a weapon by getting realy close to
him and pressing this combination, once you ripped
your enemy's head you can throw it by pressing "x".

*this attack kills every unit instantly*

"c" = Super Attack, costs 5 diamonds, axes swing around you killing
everything they touch - realy usfull in every situation.

"space" = jump, include the "left" and "right" keys to jump to sides

"space" + down = fall down from a platform *forgot to mention that =]*

movement is controled by the arrows

collect diamons for supers and hearts for health and continues,
Akin is regenerating health on his own so don't worry too much
about your health, try to avoide troubles

more info

The game is passble~!! I tried it.
certain wierd stuff might accure =] you might find secret wierd attacks
that are well.. a bug, but I didn't manage to find them...


I worked realy hard on this project I worked none stop on finishing it
and slept for 7 hours totaly from 48hours of the competition.

I hope you like my submission, I apologize for not having sound nor music
this time, you should understand that I didn't have any time left =]

and I apologize for the awfull menus =P didn't have time for that also
and for the intro as well =]

but yet a great game was born and I'm realy happy with it ^_^

*btw after u kill the boss the game exit so have fun XD~!*

Enjoy the game~!!! ^_^

Made using Bennu GraphicsGale and Photoshop and a Wacom intous 4 tablet =]

Genre: Action , Platform
Platform: MS DOS , Windows 95/98/ME , Windows XP/2000/Vista
Dev tool: Bennu
Other attributes: Source Included
Uploaded: August 31, 2009
Rating: No rating yet
Downloads: 45


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