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Escape From Zombie City

By t money (version 0.6)

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Take a tour of Zombie City! See the ReadMe file for controls and instructions for this WIP.

Genre: Action , Adventure , Horror
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME , Windows XP/2000/Vista
Dev tool: Fenix
Other attributes: Mature Content
Uploaded: May 25, 2009
Rating: No rating yet
Downloads: 48


Rating: No rating

Looking good. Movement seems a bit sluggish though.

Rating: No rating

Loved it
But how are you supposed to win? I got the Prof as the perpetrator and then got stuck in his lab with zombies unable to escape

Also, I love the way that finding a new person means that you can let your old one die. The ninja guy rocks

Rating: No rating

it's pretty cool. I like the Ninja. it's easy to mow down the zombies with him. With a gun I often got quickly overwhelmed :(

t money
Rating: No rating

yonni: you were very close to beating the wip, you just need to shut down the 4 machines in the lab once the professor has activated them.

DTM: with the gun you have to keep them at a distance more. i've made a few improvements since i posted the wip that should make that easier to do. check out my latest worklog for info on that.

thanks for your feedback guys.

Rating: No rating

Pretty cool WIP. Nice and fun gameplay, and the style varies from one character to another, it's very cool. Hope to see the final version!

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