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Regeringen Kommer - Demo 2

By Imerion (version 1.0)

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"Regeringen Kommer - It came from Rosenbad" is a 2D Action-Platformer designed as a homage to classic 16 Bit action games. It also parodies the current Swedish government and is filled with humorous pop-culture references. You play as Emo, who alone must face an invasion from space, armed only with his skills, his cat Mr Muffins and the items he finds during his journey. This is the second demo of Regeringen Kommer, and contains two giant, epic levels, two evil bosses and loads of cut-scenes.

More info can be found here :

Update November 6 2008: A couple of important bug fixes.

Genre: Action , Platform
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME , Windows XP/2000/Vista , Linux
Dev tool: Fenix
Other attributes: Source Included
Uploaded: October 8, 2008
Rating: * * * * * (2 ratings)
Downloads: 46


Rating: * * * * *

Wow. This game is epic! Amazing and funny :)

(it quit for some reason part way through the helibike bit, but I will try again!)

Rating: No rating

I had no freaking clue what this was about. I quit after I made a meal for that guy. Why did I have to do that?

Rating: No rating

Thanks DTM!
I just added a newer version in case you want to try again. I haven't found any bugs in the helibike-bit, but a few other bugs were fixed so perhaps that got fixed too.

Htbaa, the basement-level is just meant as a tutorial for the game controls. If you just continue to play for a little bit after that, the real game will start.

Rating: * * * * 1/2

Very nice! Couple of suggestions though:
1) Have a savepoint earlier in the game, so people don't need to go through the whole beginning sequence again
2) It'd be nice to be able to skip cutscenes. Also, I don't think you can bring up the menu during them, which is frustrating if you need to quit the game!
3) It's crashed sometimes in the room after the first boss-thing. Have you fixed this bug yet?

Other than that though, good work! It's a most playable game.

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