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Genre: Platform
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME , Windows XP/2000/Vista
Dev tool: C++
Other attributes: 3D Hardware Required
Uploaded: April 6, 2007
Rating: * * * * 1/2 (3 ratings)
Downloads: 51


Rating: * * * * 1/2

That song will be in my head for all eternity.

Rating: * * * *

Looks great, but I had a few problems:
- Fell through platforms allot, allways the purple ones for some reason?
- Exitted every so often in direct 3D mode and crashed (with error message) in openGL (haven't tried software rendring mode yet)
- Direct3D can't use 16bit colour modes (for me at least), so you might want to set the default to something else or remove those options completely (error messages like that can be a little daunting).

Rating: No rating

- purple ones are thinner. I think this is caused by a low FPS, < 60. Swept collisions are needed. But i'm lazy. Try a smaller screen mode. :P
- Seems like this problem would be with Irrlicht. *sticks head in sand* OpenGL must be >= 1.2 I think. I would be intrigued to know what the error messages were.
- Um, ok. *returns head to sand*
Thanks for the feedback :)

Rating: No rating

Do you really need swept collisions? Just make the platform thicker! (preferably invisibly or by placing an invisible platform underneath - will this work with your collision system?)

Rating: No rating

For the record I have it on OpenGL all the time and it hasn't crashed yet. (And I've played it a lot.)

Rating: No rating

what 3d software did you use?

Rating: * * * * 1/2

Do not play in an internet café...People start to worry!!!

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