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Cyber Genoids

By Owen Davies (version 1.2)

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A first person shooter made using DIV Games Studio's mode-8 feature.

Note: This game will not run in Windows XP

Genre: FPS
Platform: MS DOS , Windows 95/98/ME
Dev tool: DIV Games Studio
Other attributes:
Uploaded: January 18, 2006
Rating: * * * * 1/2 (2 ratings)
Downloads: 137


Rating: * * * *

Fairly good, lots of features, and quite well polished - doesn't have a "professional" look, more an "experienced amateur who knows what he's doing" look. ;) Good job on working round the majority of the MODE 8 bugs! :)

Rating: * * * * *

For a DIV game, brilliant. Great level design. Nice 3D renders and weapon animation. It's a shame you don't try your hand at some windows 3D game making.
Sound doesn't work for me, but I expect that's a DIV feature... :-D

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