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Dark Mario World 1.0

By BIGHEAD NekoSam (version 1.0)

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Dark Mario Mario is a lifetime but with aspects that make it different from the original:

1 - To kill your enemies not jumping on you, if you touch them you die (unless you have the invincibility star), you kill them with weapons like shotguns, machine guns, flamethrowers, magic weapons ...

2 - Dark Mario is not a game by independent levels 1-1,1-2 type ... is a huge map that you should only be unlocked as if it were a Metroid.

3 - Plus you'll gain experience as in RPGs, this experience will improve certain aspects such as speed running or shooting, other will have to be unlocked or finding certain items that will give you new features like the double jump used to get to higher ground, or by bullet impact, which allows you to break blocks shooting question.

4 - Dark Mario, as the name suggests, is dark, do not expect levels pretty melodies, and the music is osculo are those of the underworlds of Mario.

In Dark Mario find many different enemies that will appear as you progress, and several big bosses at different times of the adventure

The controls and the rest of the wrath receiving information as you play.

Hope you enjoy

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Genre: Action , Platform
Platform: Windows XP/2000/Vista
Dev tool: Gemix studio
Other attributes:
Uploaded: September 8, 2012
Rating: * * * * (1 ratings)
Downloads: 61


Rating: * * * *

Neat game, well done!

Rating: No rating

Thanks Rincewind!
I forgot, you can also play with a pad,
better off giving the analog problems.

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