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Puzzled - Christmas 2010

By Ian Price (Rockford) (version 1.0)

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Not just another sliding block game, this Xmas themed Puzzler has you battling against time, bombs and even eating a full Christmas dinner (including the dreaded Brussels sprouts!) as you progress. Mix and match bonus items for varying results - some good, others not so good. Don't forget to kiss under the mistletoe and holly and ivy go wonderfully together.

Remove puzzle pieces and items from the box at the top left and move them around (or get rid of them through open gateways) to create a Christmas scene.

The game is completely mouse controlled.

Genre: Strategy , Action , Puzzle
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME , Windows XP/2000/Vista
Dev tool: GLBasic
Other attributes:
Uploaded: December 29, 2010
Rating: No rating yet
Downloads: 21


Rating: No rating

Nice little game. Although to be honoust after some time, the music is kind of anoying ;-)

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