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Easy Rhythm Generator (Nostalgic Windows Edition)

By Pieter-Bart van Splunter (version 0.07i)

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A long time back in 2002, I used to program in DIV Games Studio for fun. Recently I digged up some of the old matterial and combined it together in this package and compiled it with Gemix.

I've included the source code. Although it's poorly documented (especially to my standards), I do think it's well reusable for others if they like.

This Nostalgic Windows Edition combines the following tools (all written by me in 2002 and tweaked a bit in 2010):
|| Easy Rhythm Generator version 0.03c+ ||

To create your own drum rhythms, and to save them. This is backwards compatible with older rhythm files, but in addition, now the pitch can be configured, the drum sounds are different, the playback is more stable and user friendly.

|| Botvoice 0.04a+ ||

Pronounciation is certainly not perfect, not everybody hears what is said, but I understand my digital self perfectly... It will read the first line of welkom.txt at startup and totziens.txt on closing. It only supports Dutch.

If you rightclick a button on the control panel in the drum engine, it reads what it does (in Dutch).

|| PBgames File Manager ||

Now you can choose in what directory you want to save the Rhythm.RTM file. Or you can load any *.RTM file. I didn't want to put in the time to also write text input for choosing a filename to save, so you can only rename in Windows after saving...

I am not responsible for any damage directly or indirectly caused by this software. It is provided as is and for free, the risk is yours.

I am not aware of any problems in this software that put your system at risk. It might close unexpectedly, but that's about it. Still you should know that it is compiled with a compiler (Gemix Studio) with beta status, so let that be a warning, that might be a risk on it's own.

Platform: Windows XP/2000/Vista
Dev tool: Gemix studio
Other attributes: Source Included
Uploaded: October 31, 2010
Rating: No rating yet
Downloads: 36


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